Hell bent

An interesting utensil, Gabe thought as he reached for the strange shaped steel instrument in front of him. It fit in his hand comfortably, though that fact didn’t alter its alien appearance.

“Green.” He said aloud, he let the word fade from his mind, the colour of the mass that altered the flow of blood in his palm, causing an annoying pulsing. This caught his interest, Gabe always felt he had high blood pressure and he started to go over in his mind everything he had eaten the past week.

It can’t be normal he thought, the item he held was not heavy, hands were built for holding, why did he feel this way. He was sure his heart was struggling with all this so he put the green piece of gardening equipment back in the wheelbarrow.

Gabe wondered where the gardener had gone, in fact now that he thought about it hadn’t he been gone for far too long. Gabe looked up at the large Oak tree that overshadowed the garden and the house.

“Do you know what’s going on?” He asked the tree as the wind picked up.

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