I Should Not Have Hugged Her

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing,” she said. “Where’s the security in this joint?”

I obviously had made a serious mistake.

“I’m really sorry. You looked like you could use a hug. I know it’s a little weird. But I’m usually not the kind of guy who goes around hugging strange women.”

“Well, keep your damn hands to yourself. I don’t need a hug. I need a drink.”

“Are you from around here?” I asked her, hoping to soften the blow of my miscalculation.

“I live a few blocks away, but I’m not telling you where. I’ve learned to be very careful in this city.”

“I know what you mean. You have to watch your back. Again, I’m sorry for the intrusion.”

I walked away and tried to not look back. Other people around us had heard the conversation and I’m sure they were amused. As I was walking out I noticed a security guard standing in the corner by the door. He looked at me and had a toothy grin on his face. I smiled back, thinking how impossible it is to connect with other human beings these days.

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