Shepherd Runs For President (post-it challenge)

Nona awoke to find a note stuck to her forehead. It could only mean one thing: Shepherd was doing something drastic.
Nona, I’m running for president. signed, Shep.
She rolled herself out of bed, and bellowed her husband’s name. The feeble man came running. “Now, now, now don’t tryin’ talk me outta it Nona. I’ve already, already, already informed the press.” He shook his head. (Across town, Ed Treas of the Sunview Times also woke to find a post-it note on his forehead.)
“You know people ‘round here, Shep! Nobody in this town, much less this country, cares who you are! I don’t want you gettin’ hurt.” Shepherd straightened.
“Nona, look at me. I been a farmer my whole life. I think I know what this country needs.” He smiled serenely.

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