So I went and bought this camera that they said would “capture the soul.” I took it out of the box with one hand and dialed your number with the other. I hoped, I prayed you’d be home. After 24 seconds of never ending ringing you picked up and I begged you to come over because I needed a favor.

You ring my bell 9 minutes 17 seconds later and that 47 seconds it took me to get to the door was too long. I opened it and click , my first attempt at capturing your beauty. I swear, your hair is the same color as the honey you pour into the cup of green tea you make every morning in the kitchen we painted together when we were 17.

I look down at the3 inch LCD screen to see if It has captured the beauty of your hair, the glow in your deep brown eyes. But this $350 camera just shows your face as always, not the magic in your eyes.

I beg you to sit down, the way you sit when you’re leaning your head on me during your favorite movie. click The shutter goes off and my disappointment turns on.

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