In The Field

A rude awakening at 5 in the morning to a cold sleeping bag and raggedy tent. I sit up in the complete darkness and reach around to find my uniform and boots. 30 minutes! I twist my dog tags back to the front and tuck it in my bra as I listen to a constant count of how much time I have left. I struggle trying to brush my teeth and tend to my blistered heels while dreaming of all the different things I could be doing if only I was at home. 25 minutes! I slide my torn up feet into my over sized boots and climb out into the cold, dark morning. 20 minutes! I can’t see the woods around me, but I know it is there just as it had been the following dawn. Just thirty more minutes and I can be able to see my feet, and an hour more and I can see what I am eating. Not that seeing my food is all that appetizing of an idea. 5 minutes! I trash whats left of my MRE and store what I can in my pockets as I jog over to where the OPORD will be delivered. I kneel down on my knee and pull out my pen, paper and light. One minute!

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