The Shadow People

I sit reading my book and I try to figure out what message the author is trying to send to me. I pull my hair back and look out my window, closing my book in the process. I hear a whisper that reaches my ear. Its faint but I can hear it. Did I know what it said? No, but it startled me. I jumped up from my seat and whispered back, “Who’s there? Am I alone?” I look around and whisper again, “Anyone here?”
“I am.”
Was I listening correctly? I didn’t know, but I cleared out my throught and this time I yelled, “What do you want?”
“You,” it answered.
Suddenly, I felt surrounded by fog and smoke and a hand reached across my mouth. “Don’t be afraid,” it said, “you’re only going to die.” It set me down and wrapped me into a cloth. Then it laughed and it was joined by others. I felt pain spring up from my chest and realized a knife was plunged into my heart, blood rushing from my body. What happened here? Was this a dream? Maybe. Because everything became dark and silent.

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