The Choice

He didn’t know what to say. His mind raced, his heart beated, sweat building up slowly. He didn’t know what to say. Deep down, he knew that he had always liked her, and they were meant to be together, but there was something about Madison. Well, honestly there wasn’t. He liked her a little, but he liked her Isabella alot more. He could live just looking in her eyes, remain completely happy talking to her on the phone for hours, days. But now he had to make a choice. He couldn’t stand hurting her again, he hated the pain he had caused her, and hated the pain he felt inside when he thought about it.But could he really pass up another chance with her? Look at her standing there, here eyes so pretty, sparkling lightly from the tears covering them, her face frowning at him, but still looking amazing, her hair soft and majestic-like. He knew what he should do. It might cause her pain now, but he couldn’t stand to hurt her again like he knew he would. “I’m sorry Isabella, I don’t feel the same about you.”

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