That Kid

I may be a child. I may be a fool. But do you really know? No, you don’t. I wanna be an artist or a poet. A chef or a author. Anything really. But I dont wanna be “that artist” or “that writer” I want to be known or world renouned. That would be worth living for. I rather be the one pointed out than be in the crowd that’s pointing. Hell, you never know. Some things happen and some things don’t, its part of life so get used to it. But don’t call me one thing and that thing is:

That Kid.

Sure, I’m a kid with big dreams that everyone thinks will never be accomplished, but can they tell the future? I don’t think so. Don’t try to even read my future ‘cause all you will get from me is a look that says, “You’re stupid and weird.” Don’t worry. Get used to it. But anyway, I think all kids have big dreams. But I’m not like every other kid, am I? Nope. Not really. But I’m not like those kids. I’m not “That Kid”, I’m the future. I’m a kid. I’m a person. I’m me.

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