“This cant end. For me it cant. I love you. I dont know how to describe how much I love you, but you could never understand. Im so scared of what will happen if this ends. Ive been scared of what youl think of me if I admit that to u. I shouldnt be scared of anything. Im supposed to be here for you, to make you not scared, not the other way around.” She started to say something, but he cut her off. “I know that you want this to work, but not as much as I do. I dont know how to act around you because I love you. I just dont want to screw this up. Dont even say you feel the same way about me, cuz you dont, you cant. I doubt anyone in the world feels the kind of love I feel for you. Tell me how I can save this. I am sorry for everything I have done wrong, but I dont know when I do it wrong. Just tell me everytime I do something stupid, and maybe we can salvage this sinking ship. Will you give me a second chance?” He asked, knowing that those may be the last words he said to her while they were together.

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