Dead Bent Hell

The gush of spew that Gabe released would surely of put even a Japanese salary man to shame, the wheelbarrow could have filled had he aimed correctly.

“Jesus!” The gardener stepped back, as Gabe release his bowls as well.

Gabe, dead did not move, after all he was dead.

The gardener, feeling sick, looked away. He held his stomach fearing a similar attack to the one Gabe suffered, he felt something wet. Looking down at his wet hand he noticed the blood for the first time.

Sweating and looking a mess the gardener walked back towards the garage, the wind was blowing quite hard now and he had to protect his eyes from dust and leaves with his hand.

Looking ghastly now that he had spread the blood to his face the gardener entered the garage. The shock having worn off the gardener decided he needed to get rid of the body.

But as he looked back to where the body lay he suffered a nasty surprise in the head.

He fell, dead, the strange instrument sticking up in the air at last finding its proper use it glowed.

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