Ill Communication

Agent Winters dropped the shotgun to the floor and helped Blake to his feet. “You’re going to need stitches for that,” she said, regarding the gash in Blake’s arm, courtesy of Herr Doktor Hoven.

Blake and Simon shared a confused look. “Wait a minute,” Simon said, “aren’t you trying to kill us?”

“We’re on the same side, idiot,” Winters spat. “You two and the vampire were at ground zero when the infection crossed over. My orders were to bring the three of you in and discover the cause, and a cure, for the infection. I’ve got Dr. Gage working on it right now.”

“That’s bull, lady,” Blake said as he and Angela helped The Baron stand. He was weak, but he’d live. “If that was the case, why send in your goons? You could have asked us nicely.”

“Would you have cooperated?” Winters asked.

“Hell no,” Blake replied.

“Fine. Call it a misunderstanding. Let’s go. We still have a plague to cure.”

“I still don’t get what this has to do with Lilith,” Angela said.

“Lilith?” Winters asked.

“Yes. Lilith,” Alec answered.

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