so inexpressable... so unbearable... so another day

Can you ever leave my mind, I doubt it
Theres just this weight
Theres just this pain
I want to reach within me and pull it out
Pull it out and scream!
There it’s gone
I wash it away in the river
Down in the stream it floats away
So much lighter now, so much

But you never know what I suffer
And I will never be able to express
The things I feel, the words unspoken
The connection I feel to your soul, like we have shared a life somewhere before
Crazy as it sounds, crazy as I am
But I feel that
And I just want to tear this feeling out from my chest
Because it sits on my heart waiting for me to die

And when I see you, I smile so sweet
And when I talk to you, my words are calm and sensible
But inside I am insane
Inside I need medication, quick grab me something
So I don’t feel so strangely
So my heart does not give out from this tremendous weight

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