entering hells gate

16-6 from county, 16-6, fire department being dispatched for a dweling, posible intrapment. I sit streat up in bed,throw on my cloths and shoes. rush out the door,start my truck,throw the blue lights on and floor it to the firehouse. as im putting on my gear county advises multiple call of fire through the roof. my aderlien is through the roof at this point. as im ridding on the eneine i pull out a pictuer of my wife, as this may be the last i see her. as we arrive my orders are given, im going inside. i stair into the hell that was made, i hear a fant help from inside. me and the probe race into the ferno, up to the second floor. we find a young women, traped by the fire. i scoop her up and we make ower way down to safty. my probe and i are the center of attention. as the women pays us with a kiss, we walk wear the deval dairs. putting ower lives on the line for outhers in need. we pack up and go home. getting out of my gear my wife arrives at the firehouse to make shure that im ok. i give her a huge kiss.

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