One Girl. [dedicated to Pisces Girl]

Yes, it was true – all the drama did make her life very interesting.

Some people don’t like you to act like your mad at them when they call you a name, but what those people need to understand is that I’m giving them an acting version of what some people are really like.

Or maybe.. is that what I’m really like?

Okay. We all have that overdramatic, crazy, known-by-everybody person who the more you get to know them, the funnier/weirder your life seems to get.

Oh really? You hate that kind of person? Funny story – that’s me.

But that’s just it. For some people I’m with, the silly, weird, outcast that I keep hidden from the preps. When I’m with the preps, I have to act cool, and concerned on how my outfit, hair.. just my appearance in general is. The gothics – I act gangsta. The jocks – we discuss game scores and our athletic ability compared to others.

But then there’s just that one person who doesn’t care if you cuss, if your weird, if ur prep.

That girl, is my dear friend Pisces Girl.

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