End of the World

We all waited quietly for the end of days. A few short months was all the time we had left in the world. We chose to spend that time together in fellowship.

Gathered together in the damp cave, we believers went about our lives as if we were still above ground. My wife and my two children carved out a living space in the back, away from the chill of a draft that flowed in.

I smiled politely at the others if we passed them but speaking was restricted to necessary speech only, such as, “Please set the gas canister in the corner.” and “Do not stand near the entrance.” if speaking to one of the children.

Each morning and evening we gathered around the central fire to chant and to pray to God to welcome us into his arms when the world ends. It was His strength and our Father’s passion that led us here and gave us the will to stay together while non-believers scoffed at us and tried to force us out. We will remain here and await His Glory.

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