Sweet Carolina 3

From that day on I have been coming here. I don’t even live anywhere near downtown yet still I come here. Every day. Three times a day. To get here before work I have to leave an hour earlier than I used to. During lunch I have to eat in the car sandwiches I prepare at home in the morning. Coming here after work tacks another hour onto my commute. Between my job and my obsession with the punk rock goddess I am putting in twelve hour days.

You would think something would have to give pretty soon but I’m cool with it. If coming here three times a day allows me to bask in that smile at least once it’s worth it. Also, Stalking is an art, a science and a job. You have to be sure not to show unseeming joy when you stand before your desired at the counter. You have to know how to kill time discretely if she is not taking orders and know when to let someone else help you. You also can’t become familiar too soon. In a work situation like this it’s best to allow her to make the first friendly overture.

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