Post-It Challenge: Notes

I write another note and crumble it up and throw it away.I continue this,wasting 10 more post-its in the process.God.I really don’t know what I’m writing.On some of them,I closed my eyes and wrote.This made pen marks got all over my desk, which made me curse loudly.I picked up several notes in the pile,and pick one.”Angry,”it says.I pick up the next one.”Sad,”it says.Then I look at my last one.It looked different then all the other post-its.It was dark purple and it was neatly folded.”Zach”it said on one of the neatly folded sides.I opened it.A note from Lucy.It said:”Dear Zach,I’ve decided to end my life as you know it.I’m sorry.Its something I have to do.I’d tell you why I’m doing this,but theres not much room.Bye,Lucy.”He was stunned.He raced down the stairs and ran to Lucy’s.He opened the front door.Then,raced up the stairs into Lucy’s room.He looked inside and saw that Lucy was dead.He knelt down beside her and kissed her forehead.He took the knife that was in her hand and Lucy and Zach were no more.

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