Alec's Day Is Done

“This,” said Blake between delivering blows to Alec, “is. just. great.”

“Wait,” Angela screamed, standing perfectly still. “I know the chant.”

“In,” Blake asked, “Arabic?”

“Um… no,” Angela replied. “I know the English.”

“This,” said Blake, “remains. just. great.”

“You,” Winters shouted, pointing to Angela, “say the chant in English. You,” she continued, pointing to Simon, “translate into Arabic. And you,” pointing to Blake, “keep doing whatever you’re doing. But you will explain this all to me soon enough.”

“Yeah, that works,” Simon said, looking to Angela.

“Um… okay,” Angela replied. “By the Magnum Innominandum … er, um, the Not-To-Be-Named-One, I banish you from life, Young One of Blackness.

Simon paused, piecing the translation together. Finally he said: “ب ال نوت-تو-ب-نمد-ون , يبعد أنا أنت من حياة,من حالة سواد شباب واحدة”

Upon finishing the phrase, Alec’s body became sludge underneath Blake’s fists. “Good work,” Blake grunted, out of breath.

“Now explain everything to me,” Winters demanded.

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