Recap (Part I)

“No,” replied Agent Winters.

“Okay,” sighed Blake.

“I got it,” Simon interrupted. “At least, I think I got it.” Blake nodded. “Five years back we were in a frakkin mess involving a succubus,” Simon continued, adding that I summoned under his breath. “The succubus opened a gate to Hell and accidentally released Lilith.”

“She’s from the Bible, right?” Agent Winters asked.

“She’s some sorta kitchy wind-demon thing that births monsters,” Angela replied, remembering the general strokes from the last time this was discussed.

“And Lilith is the infection, but she needed some time in fang boy to power up,” Simon said. “But… and here’s the important part… Lilith is also Shub-Niggurath.”

“Holy Cowsers,” Angela said with understanding. “The Shub-Niggurath. I’m finally gettin’ this.”

Holy Cowsers? Blake mouthed while Agent Winters continued looking dumb-founded. “Who?” she finally asked.

“She’s an alien god-like being that was trapped on earth before the rise of man,” Blake replied. “Another’s Cthulhu.”

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