I'm Not Crazy!

What the heck.. why does he look so happy? I thought to myself.
Why shouldn’t he? I’m beautiful, and I helped save his life. Angela said in my mind.
You have no reason to be here. Leave! I felt her presence vanish and I reached out to James. I needed to talk to him without Angela.

“What Anna? I’m right here, talk aloud.” James said sounding annoyed.
Maybe I don’t want Angela to hear what I want to say. I said in his mind, putting as much anger as I could muster.
“Anna. Be nice. She can hear you.” James warned.

“What the heck! Can’t you just give me a minute to talk privately with my boyfriend?!” I screamed at Angela.

“Anna. Calm down. I’m not your boyfriend. You know that.” James said looking a little apaulled.
“I think all the worring she’s been doing has caused her brain to make things up.” Angela said gently to James, as if I wasn’t standing less then two feet away.

“James, what are you talking about?” my voice cracked. “You told me you loved me just earlier today, in the car.”

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