Soul Watcher

How I long to take a razor blade and slit both of Amy’s arms as she sleeps, from wrist to elbow and rejoice in watching her blood spill on the new pillows. The new pillows she bought to replace the ones covered in my blood.
Amy walked in on Steve and me yesterday. We were in their bed. I guess that must of been a shock to her. She is so self-absorbed that she could not imagine her adoring husband fucking around on her! Amy burst into the bedroom, home early from work, expecting to find Steve alone, secretly hoping she’d find him masturbating and finally get him to fuck her. Instead, she sees a beautiful, red-head riding her husband like she’s in first place at the Kentucky Derby.

Steve saw Amy first, then I saw his shocked look and twisted around to see her standing there, face red with unchecked rage. When she looked into my face, I saw that rage turn to pure hate, and she walked slowly to the dresser, opened up the drawer and pulled out a gun.

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