I step out of the car and gaze upon my temporary house, or excuse me, mansion.

On the outside, it was beautifully decorated English Tutor style. The spotlights that she had on the ground pointed towards the house, causing it to glow against the dew.

One.. Two.. Three floors. I counted. Wow. This makes me and Shade’s home in Germany look like a piece of crap.

“Whoa.” is all Shade had to offer up as a comment.

“Holy. Fo. Shizzle. This is amazing Rachel!!! This looks designed by an expert!!”

“Well, only if you consider Ralph Lauren to be an expert – which I apparently do! Wait till you see the inside – it’s waaay better than this out here.”

“How is that possible?!” Shade asked.

She and I turned to look at him at precisely the same time. “It’s Ralph Lauren, Shade. That’s how.”

“Okay,” Rachel started as we made our way across her lawn. “Do you guys want a room together? The single guest bedrooms don’t have a jaccuzi hot tubby thingie in it’s bathroom. Your choice.”


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