Country Road

“Fog always puts me in a bad mood.â€? Eva mumbled under her breath.
“Everything puts you in a bad moodâ€? I replied as I pulled the fleece blanket further over my nose. The old pickup truck jostled on the country road.
“Oh yeah?â€? Eva said abruptly “well, this fog is different, I can’t see a thing!â€? She pulled her shirt further over her hand and wiped of the condensation gathered on the window. “Ew…my shirt is wet.”
I chuckled to myself and peered out my window. The water wasn’t gathered on it at all. I could tell we were moving quickly, the fast hills and valleys came and went. I was longing to pull out my camera to get that perfect shot that really meant something. I had told Eva pleanty of times before we went on this trip that my goal was to send a slideshow to my professer. The point of it was to show a picture that really reflected human life, or what we thought life was about. I hadn’t gotten any pictures yet because, well, Eva really enjoyed driving fast. Very fast.

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