Something not quite right...

Simon screamed in frustration but the gag smothered his cries. Everyone was oblivious to the change that was happening in Angela, even Blake, fucking Blake with his own brand of voodoo didn’t have a clue.

The woman he knew and loved as Angela was slumped over, her red hair covering her face. Simon tried valiantly to loosen his restraints.

Blake turned to him with a smirk, saying, “I guess they didn’t have any luck with Dead Girl, huh.” Then he saw the look in Simon’s eyes and he understood something was not quite right. Simon motioned with his head to Angela, and Blake suddenly noticed the tears tracks on Simon’s face.

Blake turned towards Angela, who was still motionless, her body limp. He nudged her. “Hey, Little Sister, you all right?”

Angela moaned slightly and sat up, her face ashen as it came into sight.

“Angela, you OK? It’s not like you to faint.”

“I feel fine, just fine,” she said and smiled. There was a strange glitter in her green eyes. Simon began reaching for the Sha®pie in his pocket.

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