I'll give you the key

I looked into his eyes for what felt like a thousand summer sunsets by some nameless river, but it could only have been a few moments. And even as I felt my heart melting, my soul begging for the chance to let someone in again, I knew what I had to say.
“Lunch! Yes! Lovely! I am sure I can escape for an hour or so tomorrow. Where did you have in mind?”
That wasn’t it, I thought.
“I happen to be acquainted with a little sandwich shop off Carmena Road. Here’s the address, meet me there at 12:30 tomorrow?” Rocco smiled, and handed me a slip of paper. “One more thing,” he whispered as he walked away. “Don’t be afraid to take a chance on life. It may surprise you.” I stood rooted to the carpet, unable to even say yes as he walked out the door. What was that about? I thought, promptly followed by Oh my god, he really is wonderful! I made it home after work, stumbled through my nightly tasks, and went to sleep, wondering if I should abandon my routine and live the life I had been writing about for so long.

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