Simon Takes Control Again

Simon felt a slight tug on his veins, his pulse quickening as Angela entered him. He could feel her as she inhabited his body, her spirit light as breath. He sensed rather than heard her laughter as her thoughts mingled with his.

Funny, it’s not usually the girl who penetrates the boy.

Simon laughed out loud with relief. God, he loved his crazy woman and her twisted sense of humor. Everything was going to be OK. Simon could feel his frayed nerves begin to relax and the cold, calculating part of his brain begin to take control again. He needed an exorcism incantation, the sooner the better. And he knew just the man who could help him do it. But first he needed to remove this stupid gag.

Then there was the sound of chains clanking to the floor and a sudden, swift movement. Lilith/Angela was free. Her green eyes glowed with an unearthly fire.

Agent Winters tensed, her chained hands reaching for the blade she kept in her back pocket. Meanwhile, Simon managed to loosen the gag.

“Blake, we need an exorcism!”

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