Safe Haven

“Get in the cave!” I screamed as I ran past the group of people towards the cave entrance. I heard a collective jumble of shouts as they all got up, looked wildly around for danger, and began to scamper after me. They must have believed the wild look in my eyes, the pale, panic-stricken face, and the quickness of my feet.
I led them deeper into the cave, into the dark, away from the danger of small shells, bullets, or missiles. The cave quickly grew darker than any night sky and I felt my way ahead, talking the whole time to reassure and lead the others.
We came to a large cavern, made known by the sudden change in the echo. I pulled a small Maglite from my pocket and twisted it on. A bright beam streaked across the vastness and lit up a small part of the space in front of us.
Outside, we could hear explosions in the distance, mostly overhead. Sometimes a few small bits of rock would fall. Small shrieks and gasps would escape the frightened people’s mouths. They all looked at me. Their eyes now wide as mine.

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