Background: Forge

Forge doesn’t remember so much about where he came from. As a young lawman, he ran afoul a witch of sorts.

As a Justicar, these lawmen are empowered to be judge, jury and executioner when the situation called for it. When you get out into the wilds, with a small settlement, sometimes they’re all the law there is. A Justicar has to be an instituation that is respected.

Unfortunately, a Justicar isn’t all-seeing and all-knowing. They can, and occasionally do, make mistakes. This mistake cost a young woman her life. The young woman’s grandmother did not take kindly to Forge’s mistake, and placed a curse upon him.

Several weeks later, another Justicar found Forge, wandering in the wilderness. He couldn’t remember a great number of details, but more than that, he could not speak. The witch had taken his voice from him, that he might not speak the death of another innocent again.

This was, of course hard on the lawman. But, he bore this burden and it served to keep him mindful of just what his job was.

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