Red in the Face

I woke up Monday morning thoroughly doused in dread. My mom had to come up three times to get me out of bed. Finally, I reluctantly dragged myself out from under my cozy covers and got ready for school.

He was waiting at my locker when I got there. I considered dodging into the bathroom or something, but I decided that I had to face him sometime. I strolled uneasily up to my locker.

“Hey, Judie…” he said, sorrow and confusion in his eyes.

“Hello Blake.” I replied businesslike.

“Well…uh, I know I’ve apologized to you like a gazillion times, but I’m really sorry about the night at the party. Really, I am.”


Just then a girl with super straight blonde hair wearing a tiny blue jean skirt and pink long sleeve shirt walked by.

“Heyyyyy, Blake-y.” she said. “So are we still on for homecoming?”
Blake’s face grew red and he began to shift from foot to foot uncomfortably.

“Are you KIDDING ME ???? You were cheating on me!!?!?!?!?!” I screeched in his face.

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