Why You Trippin'?

I closed my locker and headed towards my first class. Well more like I meandered in the general direction of my first class. The school was huge and I was lost. End of story. Dylan walked next to me.
“Where are you headed?” he asked.
“Same as you. You showed me your schedule on the bus, remember?”
I swear he must have short-term memory loss.
“Oh right. Have you seen Michelle?”
“No. She said she had Spanish.” I informed him. Me concentrating on finding the right door, did not see the foot stuck out in front of me. I promptly tripped over it scattering my stuff all over the floor.
I heard laughter above me and looked up. Cheerleaders.
Dylan was by my side in a second helping me up. “You o.k?”
One of the cheerleaders looked at me and snickered. “Why you trippin’?”
The rest of them erupted into uproarous laughter.
A deep, rumbling voice came from behind me. “That’s not cool, Jessica.”
Jessica and the cheerleaders froze. I turned around.

It was Snap.

The Cheerleaders left.

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