Tap-Tap a knock on the door
It must be your friend, get up from the floor

Beep-Beep the popcorn is ready
Hug your friend like a teddy

Sit down! The movie is on
It’s one of those old films they played on the lawn

We won’t really watch
We’ll laugh and we’ll play
Let the movie take up the whole day

Eat popcorn and candy and drink sodas too
Then we’ll burp the alphabet like BFF ’s do

We’ll hope for the best
Our sleepover will test:
1.Beg the moms
2.Cry to the dads

When they say yes we’ll go and prepare
Get cards, more food, books and a list for dare or dare

It’s a game we’ll play instead of truth
For we already know the truth about our youth

Once we’re ready with everything we need
We’ll stop our plead

We’ll just let the parents know
Let it all show

What BFF ’s like us do
The two together just me + you.

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