The Tech

Stacy’s computer screen flickered and shut down, her connection to the world was gone.
The tech knocked on her door, she peered out the peep hole ask who it was and unlocked the four locks that held the world out.
She open the door; he introduced himself and stuck out his hand she looked down at it as if it were cover grime. “I…don’t” she started to say, he pulled his hand away “oh it get it” he said.
She pointed to her HP it’s over here and led him to it.
He began working, she stay away but close enough she could watch him, ” nice place, you live here alone” he ask?She hesitated and decided to say no sharply.
He took that as a yes.
Stacys cat ran by and stopped long enough to look at him then scurried off into the kitchen.
“Great cat” he said “Himalayan” asking waiting for her responce?
“Yes his name is Harry he’s two yrs old; he is great” she stated.
The screen came on ” let me check you files and I’ll be out of your way” he smiled at her.
She locked the four locks behind him.

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