Hanging with the Big Boys (End)

I was gaining so much speed, and I felt like I was in the lead, but there was no way of knowing for sure without losing sight of my goal. To make sure that no one was going to pass me, I got on the inside of the track, and spun my handlebars, and held fast.
At first, I was coasting, but my trike wasn’t equipped for that kind of turn. It started tipping up on the right back wheel. I didn’t want to let go; I had to finish, but the pedals weren’t moving anymore, and I realized I had not control.
I went soaring over the uneven pavement, skinning more than just my knees.

This is getting really boring, and I have no idea if this follows the laws of physics so I just wanna stop here. If you want to continue this story, go right ahead, and she was going to have a little romance with one of the neighborhood boys. I really didn’t have anything else in mind, at least for now. Sorry this ficlet was so abrupt and disappointing.

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