Instant Love Affair: Just Add Water [Part 1]

Blake poured himself into Agent Winters, copy-and-pasting himself into her memories.

Kind of like in the movie Forrest Gump, where filmmakers used special-effects magic to insert Tom Hanks into some of the great moments of American history, Blake used the magick of his Eye to insert himself into Winters’ personal history.

In Winters’ revised memory, they were lovers.

Blake met FBI Agent Trainee Agnes Winters fresh out of the Academy. Her friends said he was too old for her, but she thought he looked like Bruce Willis. Blake had an air of danger and mystery that Winters just couldn’t resist.

Blake introduced her to the Hidden World, the supernatural realm that exists all around us, beyond everyday mortal awareness. He indoctrinated her into the mysteries of Thelema, the techniques of Crowley, the dark and seductive secrets of sex magic.

He proclaimed her his Scarlet Woman: his vessel, his guide and his muse.

She gave herself to Blake completely, for that is what it means to be a Scarlet Woman.

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