Welcome Home

Samantha set her small suitcase down on the uneven sidewalk and stared up at the house The place was huge! A bit on the run-down side but it looked somewhat clean, if not in good repair. She took in the peeling paint in the crevasses and gutters overflowing with the detritus of Fall. Maybe she could offer to help fix it up some. Who knows, maybe the old lady would knock off a bit of her rent.

Still, the place felt creepy to her. Dark. It was a sunny day but the rays couldn’t penetrate the gloom of all the trees around the property. Someone must like their privacy. She glanced around and noted a few rusty chairs scattered near the closest weeping willow. “Wonder when the last garden party was at this place.” she mused.

With a sigh, she picked up her suitcase and walked up the stairs to the the massive wraparound porch. She wasn’t quite sure if she should just walk in or knock. She was saved from wondering for too long when the front door jerked open and a wild-eyed man stepped up to the screen.

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