Over Him

I walked into the school. First day back. Sadly the summer was over. But now I was at the top of the school. No more eighth graders towering over us, we were the eighth graders, the superiors, and the new seventh graders would fear us instead.

The school was so familiar, and as weird as it may sound, I guess I kind of missed it, over the summer, I actually missed this place. Not the work of course, I’m not that crazy.

This year is going to be so great. It is going to be so amazing. So perfect. So different. So much better. I hope.

There were plenty of opportunities to meet new people, and especially to meet new boys.
Eric who???? I was over him.

And then I went to first period.

“Hey Nora.” Eric smiled at me and said.
“Hey.” I said, my cheeks reddening, and my blood tingling.

Oh well, so much for being over him.

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