She is benediction

He caught a glimpse of her at the party. She moved with a liquid grace that called to mind a lithe tigress on the hunt. Her eyes scanned the room, searching for her prey and when her gaze fell on him, he shivered.

She is addicted to thee

She watched him throughout the night. The way he laughed with his friends, the tousled hair and dancing eyes; his elegant clothing doing little to hide the strength and cut of his body. She wanted him. She focused her attention only on him.

She is the root connection

He took every opportunity to watch her. Every time their eyes met, neither could look away without some distraction to tear them apart. An anxious host refilling their drinks, or potential suitors trying their luck on the handsome pair. He shook off the host and moved towards her.

She is connecting with he

The air fairly crackled with energy. He reached for her hand and drew her close. He whispered in her ear, “Have you called to check on the kids hon?”

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