Stupid Pointless Machine, For Godssakes.

Shelly was…Well, to put it mildly, angry. Very angry.

“You lost a guy in a computer. How the hell do you lose a guy in a computer? A computer.”

She laughed. Anson was practically cowering in his chair, his eyes darting back and forth from her face and the clock on the wall.

Neither was very good to look at.

While Shelly may have been laughing, it was without humor, as if she suddenly found it funny that the entire world had played a practical joke on her. To be honest, she scared Anson a bit.

And the clock. Well, the clock was just tallying up seconds, minutes, hours that Bruce had been lost inside of, what Shell (still laughing) was now refering to (over and over again) as a “stupid, pointless machine,for godssakes. A machine!”

Finally Anson turned away from the woman in near hystarics and faced the computer screen again.

It was about the only thing in the room that really held any hope for them.

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