Path Finders (Daniel Gate)

“Not to the extent that they were during your test,” replied Nobutoshi. “The observer is often observed. From this point forward that is not worth the risk.”

Daniel placed his empty cup on its saucer and a serving girl promptly refilled it and added sugar and cream precisely in the amounts he had used earlier.

“I gather that I am to help you discover a way to free yourself from these demands on your loyalty. What makes you think I can do anything of the sort?” asked Daniel.

“You are more than a bike messenger. I have been told this and little else. That you were able to get here at all bares this out.”

Nobutoshi rubbed the dragon between his thumb and forefinger, exploring the details by touch. “The involvement of the Inagawa-kai was unforeseen. I wonder if we can use them to our advantage.”

Daniel nodded. “Unless you have additional details that I do not, I’d say that would be our only path.”

Their discussion continued into the night as they hammered out the details. The odds were not in their favor.

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