Best friend

I slammed the locker in his face and walked away.
He ran after me and grabbed my arm “No, Judie, just listen, it isn’t like that,”
I just stared at him, suddenly feeling the anger slip away, leaving me empty. I shook my head at him sadly, “Stop talking Blake, because everytime you open your mouth all you do is lie to me.”
I turned and walked away. Froggy was instantly by my side, I don’t know how much she had seen, but she flung her arm around my shoulder and threw a disgusted look in Blake’s direction. “lets go, I know a place where some people we know hangout before first hour, you know, kat, Liv, and CC, obviously, but also Carson…”
I wan’t really listening, I knew she was just talking to fill the silence. I didn’t want to talk about Blake, and she didn’t ask about it. It’s at times like these when I think a girl’s best friend is her best friend.

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