The Search

Stacy reached for a pencil and paper and began to sketch their murderer: late 20’s white male, sideburns, a face that said “trust me” with eyes that added “if you dare”. Lucky her gift came with artistic ability, she thought, because it sure didn’t include photographic memory.

Slogging through MySpace, skimming for the image on her sketch pad, Stacy knew she would find her man. Why a man such as Felton Noble would post his personal information on the web for the world to see was a mystery to Stacy. Maybe it was a vain attempt to avoid anonymity, or a subconscious need to be caught. Whatever the reason, they always stuck their head out long enough for Stacy to find them.

At 4:00 AM, nearing her fill of what in her mind was pointless, self-promotional drivel, Stacy finally found the man they were looking for. At first glance, nothing jumped out at her until she examined his picture a second time. There on the pocket of his golf shirt were the words Dave’s Discount Disk Drives. At least it was a start.

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