Screeching Creature(2): Collaboration of Jenunique and Jenson

Assistant flipped his chair backward and scrambled to get himself off the cold floor, “What the hell,” he spat out.

Ranger held on to the creature and looked at the door. “Sounds like someone heard him.” He said this all too calmly for Assistant’s comfort.

Assistant paced toward the door, then back tracked himself to the weapons cabinet. He grabbed a taser gun, paused looking at the shotgun, decided to go with his first choice. Ranger smiled at the indecision. “Good choice,” he muttered snidely.

Assistant narrowed his eyes, “Well if they are all the same size, this,” he held the taser toward Ranger, “Will be sufficient enough. Ranger shrugged and moved to place the tiny beast in the cage.

“Okay, Ted, you open the door and I’ll be ready, you know, if anything goes weird,” Assistant instructed. Ted frowned at the command and stopped placing his hands on his hips. “Alright, Kevin, if you insist,” obviously annoyed at the sudden change in rank.

Ted sighed heavily and moved to the door, “Ready?”

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