“Where are we going?” I laugh. You always make me happy when I see you smile.
“You’ll see.”
I was, of course, impatient. I bit my lip and said, “Are we there yet?”
“Just wait a little longer. We are almost there.” He took one hand off the driving wheel and reasted it on my lap. I took placed my hand on top of his.
I look at the clock. 6:42 p.m. Early, but whatever.
“Ok. We’re here.” He steps out of the car. What’s here is a bush. A very big bushy-bush.
I step out of the car, confused. He takes my hand and says,”I know you’re shocked, but this is not what I want to show you.”
He climed into the bush and I followed. He’s crazy, I thought. I gasped. “Wow.” What he wanted to show me was the city. The city I’ve lived in all my life. It was beautiful.
“Kat, I wanted to show you our city. It’s beautiful, isn’t it.” I nodded slowly. I had a feeling I never felt before. Like I could do anything in the world. Like I was unstoppable. It was the feeling of being free.

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