At Midnight

I walk down the paved street, listening softly to my music. I close my eyes and wonder into my thoughts. I open my eyes and stay focused on the sidewalk. Will I see him? I thought. No. I reasure myself, he can’t it’s impossible. I laugh. Not a big laugh, but a small, nervous laugh.

I see them walking by with their pride-filled smiles. They think their everything I think to myself. I shake my head and look back onto the sidewalk.

I press my hands deeper into my pockets. It’s freezing outside. I tug on my beanie to reasure myself. It’s all good, I think, it’s all good.

I see the people pass by me. Not too much people, but just enough. I notice how everyone is in their winter coats, getting ready for the worst, but one person from the crowd stands out to me. It’s him.

“Shoot!” I whisper. I pull my hood over my eyes so he wouldn’t notice me. I walk faster. Then I run. I realize he’s following me, hiding in the shadows. “STOP!” he yells, and as naive as I was, I stopped.

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