Welcome Home

Tuck knew that being married to an undercover agent was difficult for his new bride.

Last week he’d arrested Jose Morales and seized 900 pounds of cocaine in the SUV he was driving across the Mexican border. As Tuck snapped the cuffs on him, Morales had cursed him.

“You’re going to pay for this,â€? Morales said.

Tuck walked down the hall toward the kitchen, called Celine’s name and frowned when his wife didn’t respond. He eased out his .45 caliber Glock.

He moved quickly into the kitchen, with his weapon ready – though pointed down at his side in case he should meet his wife just rising from a nap or looking up from a book she was reading. It took him a moment to register what he saw. Cecile’s normally glistening blonde hair was dull and disheveled, her rosy complexion was pale and her nose was smeared in white powder. A fly landed on Celine’s upper lip and moved quickly into her open mouth. She didn’t resist – how could she? Her severed head stared at him from the kitchen table.

Tuck began to scream.

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