"It's magic" part five: Doors,Doors,and MORE DOORS!!

I rushed out the door and stopped cold.
“CRAP!!!”I fumed.
This wasn’t a way out! It was a way IN to a maze of doors doors and MORE doors!! I sighed in frustration and went to the seventh door and opened it. It had a door to the front and a door to the right and the left.
“Fabulous.” I muttered, as the door behind me locked shut. I summoned a green magelight and went forward into a closet the same as the last.I went through five more of these closets and took a left. I went through that six more times then started taking rights untill I got to the end of that too.
Then I stared at the door in my way.
“What’s the worst that can happen?” I thought as I reached for the knob glimmering in the green light.
I should’ve known.

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