2nd Period: Bienvenue en arrière

Alright, it’s fine, I can get through this.
I just need to be strong. Maybe if I just don’t look at him too much.

Well band was horrible, but so what, I won’t have to see him for the rest of the day.

I walked up the stairs. Realized I was late, and that I better hurry up, I grabbed my books from my locker and power walked down to the french room.

I walked in, the last one to arrive, obviously, and took the first available seat.

“Now Pierre, pay attention.” Madame Kumley directed to a boy in the corner.
“Qu’avez-vous fait cet été ?” She said to this same boy.

“Huh??” Pierre said. He looked adorable in his Abercombie Tee, and his faded blue jeans.

The class broke out into chuckles and giggles.
Maybe forgetting Eric wouldn’t be so hard after all.

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