I Give Up

“I give up. I just want it to be over. Let it end.” this is what Lily thought to herself almost every night before she fell asleep.

Sometimes she thought about ending it, but quickly banished that thought from her head. She knew what would happen if she even considered that. It would be worse then it was now.

Finally, the need for sleep overcame her worries. Finally Lily had a dreamless sleep. In the morning Lily finally realized what she had to do. She was 15 and she did not deserve this. She had to tell someone, but who?

Lily sat and pondered this for a while, unfortunatly longer than she thought. The next time she looked at the clock she found she was going to very late. Which was not a good thing, considering where she was going.

She was going to tell someone, before it happened again, before she got there and the same thing as always happened. It’s not like no one would believe her… She had the brusies to prove it.

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