Should I?

“Hello?” Derick answered.

“Hey.” I tried to say cheerfully, muffling my tears and the crack in my voice.

“Um.. hey. Does this mean you have an answer? You’ve only been gone half an hour.”

“Yeah, I do.” I said with a smile and sniffle, while wiping away a tear.


“My answer..” I took a deep breath, ” yes.”

“Hold on.” is all he had to reply.

I looked at my phone. Hold on? Why?

“Woohoo! Yess..” he yelled, his voice more distant. I smiled again, this time so big I could taste the tear that had been running down my cheek.

I laughed, wiping away my tear and realizing that was the last time I would wipe away my own tear.. at least for a while.

Hearing his reaction, I felt bad. I’m using him, but to him this is the real deal.

My smile faded. Should I really be doing this?

He returned to the phone. “Cool.”

I chuckled. But he’s so happy..

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