Sucks Fer Shade.

“So!” she exclaimed. “Welcome to our house! Make yourselves comfortable.” she showed us into our room.

“Awesome!!” Shade said, flopping onto the bed. I for one, let myself into the beautiful bathroom, drawing a steaming bath.

“Shade! Stay outta here! This is my bath! You can take the cold water I leave when I’m done.” I smirked.

“Ohhhhh! She burrrneddd you!” Rachel yelled from another room.

“Shut up!” Shade yelled, to both of us probably.

I shut the door, turned on the jets, and enjoyed my bath. I was disappointed when the timer turned the jets off and all lights but one turned off.

Time’s up. I thought, sadder than I expected myself to be.

“Oooo! My turn my turn my turn my turn..” Shade chanted, banging on the door.

I turned on the hairdryer. “What? What Shade? I can’t hear you!” I yelled over the roar of the powered wind.

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